Road Condition

Part Of The Cybertiks Smart City Platform

Road Condition offers you an integrated analysis and evaluation of your city’s road conditions using our satellites, Artificial Intelligence and Sensor Fusion Process technology.

By having an easy-to-use platform displaying an analysis of a city’s road conditions, governments can know when to take action ahead of time, reduce expenses and prevent accidents.

We apply our unique and integrated Sensor Fusion Process to detect, plan, classify and report on satellite information to greatly reduce the time to do analysis and monitoring onsite.

With Artificial Intelligence we are able process data under a short period of time that would not be possible otherwise.

After we collect data using our satellites and GIS mapping, we found a method --based on our clients’ standards-- to evaluate road conditions of a city.

Given that there is currently no metric or standardization to evaluate road conditions, we are able to offer our clients a baseline of road condition damage in other cities and let them choose what range is appropriate for their city.

After calibrating to the client’s road standards, the Cybertiks Smart City platform – Road Condition is able to evaluate and diagnose road condition and classify them into damaged, normal or good.


We offer our clients a road damage baseline which comes from the first global benchmark authored by Cybertiks where we diagnosed road conditions of 20 of the largest cities in the world including Berlin, Buenos Aires, Cape Town, Istanbul, Moscow, Mumbai, New York, Paris, Sao Paulo, Seoul, Shanghai, Tokyo, Toronto, among others.

With our integrated solutions, governments can also select which technology is needed for their project which may include QSIS, Web3, Sensor Fusion, Software Development, Artificial Intelligence, E-Governance or Metaverse services.

We can model information to deliver exactly what the client needs by using AI and integrating multiple sources and formats that would not be possible to integrate otherwise. We offer a unique platform that generates reports based on a client’s preferred reporting preferences.

With our Smart City platform we help governments to save resources and focus on other priorities.

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