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High Tech R&D Science and Engineering Group

Our company uses satellites and other top-tier sources to detect, classify and quantify geographical traces of diverse materials for different industries.


We provide a range of services to help you innovate

Cybertiks provides tailored solutions that meet global industrial needs to help companies innovate. Our core focus is to scale industrial needs remotely. This can include satellite or drone imagery and even IOT sensors.

Our Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence allows us to correlate large amounts of data, and generate customized reports and necessary information in short periods of time.

We model information to deliver exactly what the client needs by integrating multiple sources and formats that would not be possible to integrate otherwise.



Intelligence Product

Analysis & Calculations

Use experience from repetitive processes for improvements and learning

Our Technology

Sensor Fusion

We integrate many sources of information to have a complete and strategic roadmap.


We start with a functional MVP and increase its functionality.

Synchronize Data

We detect and synchronize data from different detection sensors.

Data Integration

We integrate optical, radar and any data available..


We present data in a convenient way for our clients.


Let's introduce you to QSIS

By using thermodynamic information captured by electromagnetic sensors located in space satellites, weather balloons, drones, cameras and radars we identify, classify and quantify the presence of materials with quantum-enabled artificial intelligence for scale and speed.

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Tailored Solutions

We design the best-fitting integrated solution for each project and client.


We are able to detect any mineral or element with a recorded spectrographic fingerprint.


We classify elements according to their spectral signature, shape or category selected by the client.


Depending on the element, we are able to provide a specific amount or a conditional range.


This is how we can help

Our strategic model and expert knowledge allow us to provide tailored solutions for each of our clients.


We use thermodynamic information captured by electromagnetic sensors to classify and quantify the presence of natural resources, elements and minerals.

Artificial Intelligence

We can analyze, identify, measure and correlate data to generate the necessary reports and information using artificial intelligence (AI).


We provide Web3 services for anything you want to decentralize such as new cryptocurrencies.

Software Development

We build custom SaaS applying our knowledge after years of experience in frontend and backend architectures and implementations.


We assist in public policy recommendations related to technology that affects land planning, natural resources, public safety administration and interstate relations.


We reconstruct 3D models from photographs of buildings, objects, places and people using AI and integrate them to simulate a digital universe.

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