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We are a multinational company

Our offices and team members are all around the world.




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The team

Meet the leadership behind Cybertiks

We are a multinational digital agency with primary operations in Mexico that specializes in multi-platform software development, UI/UX design, and personalized digital solutions using state-of-the-art technology such as Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Spectrometric Intelligence Services. Cybertiks was founded in 2020 in Mexico City as a result of the urgent need for remote technology services after the Covid pandemic started. Our mission is to help companies, governments and project managers to take their digital transformation to the next level and use the best fitting technology and solutions available to match their needs. We have carefully gathered the best tools and people in the industry to be able to provide the best digital transformation without limitations.

Jose Jafif

Founder & CEO

Jose Jafif manages all the administrative models, and oversees the legal and financial departments.

Alexander Attie

Founder & CTO

Alexander is a Fullstack developer with advanced knowledge in Python, MongoDB, NextJS and others. He's also in charge of incorporating our pipelines to production

Ricardo Reyes

Board Advisor

Ricardo leads all R&D development consultations related to science and technology.

Karen Hesselbach


Karen is the project manager at Cybertiks and is in charge of giving structure and follow-up to all of our projects.

Kyle Green

Board Advisor

Kyle has developed technology in the water, agricultural, oil and gas and environmental space for the last 15 years.

Kale McMorris

CEO of Cyberbridge

Kale is a Mechanical Engineer, with 15 years of experience in Project Management.

Albert D'Amore

Business Development

Business Development Director Albert is an entrepreneur with over 20 years of business experience.

Our Values

How we work at Cybertiks

Our shared values keep us connected and guide us as a team.

We care about each other

By understanding what is valuable to our employees, we provide the resources they need to deliver their best work.

We respect each other

By embracing openness, honesty and kindness we create a more eliable team.

We are proud of what we do

There is always value, quality and integrity in everything we do. At all times. No exceptions.

We are honest with our customers

By understanding our customers stated and unstated needs, we make sure they are immensely successful.

We do the impossible

Complicated opportunities filled with unknowns excite us as it is a chance for innovating solutions.

We focus on the small details

We believe that the best products are created by having the best attention to details even when they are small.